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Salaqua Diagnostics is the lead global developer in solving the diagnostic and therapeutic issues associated with renal salt wasting in hyponatremia. This is the most common kidney ailment known in humans occurring in approximately 10% of all hospitalized patients around the world together with its increasingly recognized incidence in relevant new patient populations, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease. It causes a host of problems including respiratory arrest, coma, seizures, delirium, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, confusion, fatigue to mention a few. Salaqua Diagnostics was first to identify the factor that causes the changes in the renal handling of sodium chloride and water that causes renal salt wasting – increased blood levels of haptoglobin related protein. We are using this natriuretic factor to develop an accurate diagnostic for hyponatremic renal salt wasting, for therapeutics to treat renal salt wasting and for the development of a new diuretic drug that we anticipate will be beneficial for congestive heart failure. These developments will address a $10 billion cost to diagnose and curtail renal salt wasting. In addition, with further discoveries of the incidence of renal salt wasting in new clinical populations, such as in Alzheimer’s disease ($250 billion), we expect our commercial end-points to be ubiquitous. One of the unique features of the Salaqua is that we have the world’s most brilliant researchers in the field running, and networked within, the Company. They have a demonstrated track record and that every problem is solvable. We are on track to reach one of our major investment time horizons with the identification of the natriuretic factor.

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The Discovery Behind the New Diagnostics and Therapeutics 

Over 25 years ago Prof Maesaka (Winthrop Hospital, NYU) published work that demonstrated that plasma from hyponatremic patients could induce similar symptoms in healthy rats when injected intravenously. The factor(s) responsible remained unidentified for all this time until SalAqua Diagnostics, Inc., recently investigated their identification. The factor, as it turns out, is a rare, primate specific protein namely haptoglobin related protein.  Its detection in the circulation will enable the diagnosis of renal salt wasting that leads to hyponatremia as well as therapeutics to inhibit renal salt wasting as well as acting as a powerful diuretic.